Talent Discovery & Artist Development Agency
Specialised in discovering and nurturing up and coming talent from Switzerland

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Young and Aspiring is an artist development agency based in Lucerne, Switzerland. We are specialised in discovering and nurturing up and coming talent and offer bespoke artist development deals covering Artist Management, Booking, Label Services, Music PR, Playlist Promotion and Consulting. Our goal is to reach the largest possible audience for our developing acts and help them fulfil their vision.

Our team members carefully honed their skills across various projects including record labels, promotions agencies, bands and more. We pride ourselves with a strong DIY mentality and pro-active work ethics in order to achieve the best possible output for our artists.

Please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to get to know you!

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Artist Management:
Our aim is to build a rapport with the artist; enabling an overall professional and productive atmosphere. We deal with taking care of your day-to-day business and promise to act in your best interests to represent you as an artist of the best of your potential.

An artist develops their talent and finds their ground by playing live which is why we strive to get you out on the stage as often as possible to get the exposure, promotion and publicity you rightfully deserve. We aim to slot you into established venues working alongside reliable promoters that best suits your musical endeavours.

Our in-house label is taking care of your digital distribution, promotion, publishing and marketing needs in order to market your release in the best way possible. We also make sure your release gets pitched to the respective people at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. to guarantee maximum reach.

Music PR & Playlist Promotion:
We provide our artists with extensive press campaigns, local and national radio plugging as well as playlist promotion (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Filtr, Digster, Independent Playlisters etc.) within the GSA territory (plus further options where applicable). We target both major and independent tastemakers in order to guarantee optimum coverage.

We believe in building on an artist’s assets to help evolve their sound and image. Currently, there is a vast amount of talent and the competition does not sleep. Therefore, it is of great advantage to have an extra body to offer an outside perspective to ensure that you stand out, make your mark and eventually go on to sign a record or publishing deal.

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HYPED by Young and Aspiring is a playlist showcasing the best emerging artists from Switzerland – Weekly updates and spotlight artist features. Submit a track here.