We live in an enchanted world, unfortunately way too often we’re too busy to even notice. It takes a special type of artist to draw back the curtain and make us recognise this magic nestled in the mundane. Singer-songwriter Pina Palau possesses this rare gift. Her songs obsess over the everyday: coaxing the poetry out of situations and characters that seem all too familiar. She loves the incongruous, the contradictory, the petty, the awkward and the ugly found in all of us; and is somehow always able to transmute it into something precious and beautiful. Her forthcoming debut record is titled Illusion and it’s full of all types of delicious indie-folk iterations. The record was produced together with Mario Hänni of Mnevis and ex-drummer of Sophie Hunger and Pablo Nouvelle. It will be released by Mouthwatering Records, the home of Black Sea Dahu. 

Pina’s songwriting evokes the work of Adrienne Lenker of Big Thief, Julia Jacklin, Hand Habits, Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers’ solo work as well as her output with the Boygenius group along with Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker. Her musical roots, however, reach back to the women who laid the foundation for female singer-songwriters: Joan Baez, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin.

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