Today, the debut album of Baden-based Indie quartet Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers was released. “Poco Bono”, offers an insight on life in your early twenties, in a world characterized by volatility.
The longing for escape and deceleration, the bitterness about the dwindling of time and support, as well as the permanent, oppressive melancholy of mere existence are the central motifs of the album’s lyrical content. Poco Bono is the city you move to and feel lonely. It is the club in which you flee from reality into ecstasy; the person you fall in love with in summer and the very same person that breaks your heart in winter. On Poco Bono, Dennis Kiss lyrically processes everything that prevents him from growing up and at the same time enables him to do so. Each song tells a story, deals with something different and yet the same in one way or another. An ode to youth and life, a subjective worldview caught between hedonism and masochism.
The four album singles all come with “still life”-themed music videos, which capture exactly this moment of life passing by – the stills from the videos have also been used as the single artworks, signifying the standstill, the freezing, possibly also the preservation of the unstoppable time. The melancholic approach to the art of photography and film thus also reflects the fundamental mood of Poco Bono. Everything is Poco Bono. Everything is okay, nothing more and nothing less.
The album was recorded with producer Philippe Laffer at Alterna Studios Basel, who has already worked with popular Swiss artists such as CRIMER, Ellas and Sam Himself, among others.
The young quartet around Dennis Kiss has already caused quite a stir with various singles such as ‘Cecilia’, ‘Gin Tonic’ and most recently ‘haha nice’ and has received airplay on SRF3, festival appearances at the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen and JKF Basel as well as Spotify placements on Indie Brandneu, Fresh Finds GSA and New Music Friday Switzerland.