MAX APOLLO‘s new EP ‘Power’ is out now via Young and Aspiring!

With a knack for sophisticated arrangements and great melodies, the 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist skilfully closes the gap between Pop and Rock!

Stream here:

MAX APOLLO explains the meaning behind “Power” as follows:

“It is no secret that each and every one of us is going through uncertain or unpleasant times – not only now. Hence, there’s no point in making it a secret that the songs on ‘Power’ are about exactly that. Above all, I wanted to experiment with imbalance and work with opposites. This is why Stop The Show’s complaint against the boldly hyped start-up-cult comes as a light-footed serenade, the break-up song “Hurricane” shows no regrets about a terminated relationship and the very personal and intimate “Plain White Shirt” deserves a multi-layered guitar solo. Opposites are important, that’s how we live. I am proud to have realized this concept with “Power”.”