Annie Taylor‘s new live EP and YouTube session are out now via Taxi Gauche Records!

Stream here:

The live session perfectly demonstrates the band’s knack for passionate, energetic live performances, which makes them ever so enjoyable to watch!

Vocalist and guitarist Gini Jungi about the live session:
“Playing to an invisible crowd certainly was a strange experience. On the other hand, however, getting to play the songs that you love with your best friends always feels right and that day we really felt the energy and the bond between each other. Throughout these past few months we’ve grown as a group as well as musicians and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we’ve received this year! So here’s a little Christmas present from us to you in order to say thank you for showing us such an amazing time in 2020!”

DoP: Peter Weibel & Rebecca Emmenegger
Editor: Rebecca Emmenegger
Production Recordist: Florina Diemer
Mixing Engineer: David Langhard
Mastering Engineer: Dan Suter
Konzerthaus Schüür
Taxi Gauche Records
Swiss Music Export