pr: palma ada – new double-single ‘potion’ out now

After almost two years, Zurich’s extravagant pop singer Palma Ada is finally back with new music, presenting us not only one, but two songs: Potion and Kill Me Now!
Palma Ada has her roots in the film industry. She studied filmmaking in London and New York and has since already supported various well-known Swiss artists, such as Ta’Shan, Lil Bruzy and Larry F, with the visual realization of their projects. In 2018, the young artist with Slowak-Hungarian roots took a detour and found her way into music. Her current producer and longtime companion Michael Schertenleib asked her if she wanted to collaborate on two of his tracks, which were written for the score of the Swiss blockbuster ‘Wolkenbruch’. Two years later, Palma Ada’s impressive debut EP ‘Straight Lines’ was released. It received a lot of praise and led to great opportunities, including a Live Session at the popular Swiss radio station Couleur3.
Now finally, on December 10., her new music will be released in the form of a dual single. The focus track ‘Potion’, which is accompanied by a breathtaking music video filmed in the Saalfelder Feengrotten. It was inspired by Slavic and Hungarian mythology and showcases Palma Ada’s more mysterious side. ‘Potion’ was written in a session initiated by Palma Ada with fellow musicians Michael Schertenleib, Christian Wild & Simon Spahr (Pegasus), Shynia Blattmann, Moritz Schädler (Moreeats, Crimer) and Pablo Lienhard. The participants received a general mood she was aiming for, but just very few instructions from Palma Ada and Michael Schertenleib as they didn’t want to interfere too much with the creative process. Only three hours later the foundation for the song was laid.
The second track ‘Kill Me Now’ is a dark low-fi pop song, written in a session with Bern-based songwriter and producer Liam Maye. Highlighting the nasty side of the human psyche, it‘s meant as an anthem for everyone wanting to end the cycle of having their boundaries crossed.
Palma Ada herself says the following about the new release:
“I see myself as a storyteller and an entertainer, so I concentrate a story to a true feeling,
subjective and honest. I am very proud of these two songs. I was living in the masculine portion of my personality for the majority of my life, because it felt safer and more powerful. It took me some time to reconnect with my feminine side, but eventually I found strength in admitting to fear, sensitivity, hysteria, confrontation, even resignation. I would have liked to have this kind of reassurance at times in the past, so I hope I can send this out to the world for other people to relate to, if they want to. We’re strong, fragile, certain, unsure, powerful, eerie, daring, loud and proud.”