The Fribourg duo BARON.E (pronounced Baron Barone) today released their new EP ‘CRÉATURE’ via PIAS France! Thanks to their innovative songwriting, the band can rightly be counted among the most exciting newcomer acts that Switzerland currently has to offer. 

On their new EP, BARON.E tell of the contradictions of feelings, of reverie and passion and the desire to go beyond one’s own humanity. Strangely linked atmospheres emanate from their French electro-pop universe, like a festive melancholy, a violent fragility, a need to dance and cry at the same time. It is a bittersweet cocktail with two voices full of energy. It is the revolt of a falsely golden, nostalgic youth on the verge of implosion.

After a first EP, ‘JEUNESSE DORÉE’, released in 2020, BARON.E returns with new tracks and announces a second work called ‘CRÉATURE’ for 4 November 2021. The new project sits at the intersection of genres, somewhere between post-rock repetitive patterns, rap and pop melodies that get stuck in your head like ritornelle. ‘CRÉATURE’ explores man in his many facets, in his illusory dreams, his crazy desires, his lonely loves. It spits out convoluted feelings that come from passing demons and imaginary creatures.

Here’s what Faustine Pochon and Arnaud Rolle have to say about the new EP:
“The new EP is very important for us as it reflects our identity. The songs reveal big parts of what makes us as people. CRÉATURE’ spits out intricate feelings that have their origin in passing demons or imaginary creatures.”

BARON.E have already celebrated various successes with their music, such as an appearance at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, contributions to Rolling Stone, Blick and 20 Minutes as well as airplay on RTS, SRF3 and various other stations.