Indie Pop quartet Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers from Baden just released ‘haha nice’, their fourth and last single from their debut album ‘Poco Bono’ (Lauter Musik), which will be released on October 1st. With their new single, the four boys once again let a few long-awaited rays of sunshine appear in this utterly rainy summer!

Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers are one of the up-and-coming bands on the Swiss indie scene. With their mixture of surf rock and dream pop, the Baden quartet around frontman Dennis Kiss succeed in creating their very own, feather-light sound. But despite all the lightness, Kiss’ lyrics open up abysses in which world-weariness, paralysing fears and bittersweet melancholy gather. A clever dichotomy that Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers consistently push to the extreme. In doing so, they inevitably speak from the soul of a generation that is desperately trying not to lose its mind in this world and longs for a little touch of deceleration. 

About the song Dennis Kiss himself says:
“I wrote “haha nice” at the time when I had just moved to Zurich and didn’t feel quite comfortable in the city at first. All of a sudden, I found myself in shared kitchens with complete strangers. People with whom I had nothing in common but the countless bottles of red wine and pseudo-intellectual conversations we shared night after night. This song is about temporary friendships. Put out cigarettes, which in retrospect I wish I hadn’t smoked.”