Today marks the release of ‘Part 1: Past Perfect’, the new record from Cold Reading. Make sure to check it out!

Listen here:

In the first part, ‘Part 1: Past Perfect’, the human tendency to glorify the past and mourn missed opportunities is at the centre. The strong sense of romantic melancholy that accompanies remembering is captured by COLD READING on the first part of their album trilogy, where they tell tales about nostalgia wrapped in powerful and expressive compositions.

Singer Michael Portmann describes the lyrical content as follows:

“‘Part 1: Past Perfect’ is primarily about the past as such; the present remains purposely excluded. The lyrics should invite the listener to engage with their own melancholy and the ambivalence of this feeling. This fundamental human emotion is what I wanted to express in the songs on ‘Part 1: Past Perfect’. Nostalgic feelings can be very comforting, but once they are at odds with reality and all its positive and negative facets, they can evolve into something dangerous.”

The retrospection was retained tonally by recording all tracks with analogue devices and instruments. This consistent step gives the Past Perfect EP an unmistakable old-school touch. The raw, yet accessible songs draw from the sound of the late 90s/early 2000s Emo/Post-Hardcore movement, forming a seamless transition from the band’s previous EP ‘Sojourner’.