“The track sounds like Naked and Famous if you crossed them with The 1975’s dark tracks, just pure electronic atmospheric pop, designed for the big stages.” – It’s All Indie

“A futuristic sounding masterpiece.” – Noizze Magazine

“If what you’re looking for is one of the “I saw them in the early days” lines, then this could be the one to go for.” – Bitter Sweet Symphonies

“Tailor-made for ample Spotify streams and radio play.” – The AU Review

“This is a special one, folks so don’t miss out!” – The Daily Listening

“‘New November’ has 80s leanings fused with a dark electronic Noughties pop edge that renders it part Bastille, part Jaws with synth hooks.” – Little Indie Blogs

“A hooking electro rock and synthpop song, one whose luscious guitar and grand atmosphere reminds me of bands like The Maccabees and The Wombats with the cinematic ambiance of Coasts.” – I Heart Moosiq