Nola Kin is the solo project of Carla Fellinger. On her four track debut EP „Fallstreak“ – out on April 22nd 2022 via Orange Peel Records – the songwriter puts her warm and husky voice and songwriting skills front and center. It’s a record that gets under your skin.

After a three-year break from playing gigs around the country, a challenging phase of reflecting and sitting with grief, both personally and creatively, she learned to face this process with the necessary patience. After taking time to regain her love and connection to music she has found a way of combining formative musical influences and lyricism to explore personal themes. The musician herself describes the record as inherently optimistic, a reconciliation with herself and her inner conflicts: «To me it feels like having taken a long and tiring hike through my own history returning to a warm home. A comforting feeling that brings me a bit closer to myself.» With the courage to embrace her own vulnerability she is taking the stage as an incredibly inventive and strong musician.