Sailors falling out of love with their ships, broken ponies leaving their stables, and a nostalgia for moments not yet experienced- Swiss based Indie-Rock band Laddermen around Texas native and frontman Leopold Oakes becomes the stage to unpack the city cowboy baggage.

Moving effortlessly between melancholic Indie and Art-Rock, Laddermen gains comparisons to the likes of The Strokes, The National and The Killers. After their debut “Special Kind of Violence” (2021), the band is set to release their eclectic new album TBA – in some ways a classic breakup album but that transforms along its way into an origin story of redemption and search for purpose. The broadening and elaborately crafted collection of songs ranges from explosive, catchy guitar-anthems to pensive, earthy Indie-Folk tunes. It shows the band evolving from their rawer, jagged debut, to writing more melodically driven, intricately arranged, upbeat songs.