Contrary to what the name implies, Frederik is not a single person but an ever-evolving entity comprising several singular minds. Originally founded by Rolf Laureijs as an outlet for his experimental and wave-infused pop excursions, the Swiss project has over time been joined by drummer Laurin Huber and second guitarist Christoph Barmettler. Together, the three have recorded Frederik’s debut LP ‘Portraits’ out now on the Danish label Visage. It follows up on the 2018 ‘Tears (you know)’ EP for the Swiss label Oh, Sister Records and Frederik’s live debut as a full band in 2019 with Marie Popall on bass and Caroline Schöbi on synthesizers. ‘Portraits’ is as much of a step forward as it sees Frederik diverging into previously unknown territory. Just like its title suggests, the album is not to be understood as a single snapshot but a series of vivid and multi-layered pictures, all painted with gentle brushes.