Dazed nights in the kitchens of shared flats; train rides by the window, going somewhere, blinded by the sun; absent moments in lecture halls, at bus stops, on dancefloors: the unsaid on the mind, you are young, or you’re not, and not quite sure about anything happening around you.That’s what Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers are all about.This is where the music is coming from, this is where it has to be brought back to. On tour for two years with hardly a pause, the indie and neo-folk band from Switzerland, has nevertheless found a minute to record their second EP Awake, to grow up and follow new paths with it. These might be the songs you will fall in love to this summer and that you will be staring at the ceiling to next winter. For one moment though, you will be there and that’s what counts. That’s exactly what it is all about.