“He’s looking for her” – That could be the title of a schmaltzy romantic comedy, but it’s the beginning of a completely different love story: Anja Tremp and Sandro Raschle’s catchy guitar melodies on the acoustic guitar and harmonic vocals, summarized under the name Alas The Sun. The duo feels inspired by melancholic souls like Nick Drake, Fleet Foxes, Haley Heynderickx, Julia Jacklin or Andy Shauf.

In Autumn 2019 the band’s first born in the form of a debut album will see the light of day via Taxi Gauche Records. A folkloric road trip for the ears, which tells not only about longing and deep feelings, but also about collecting blueberry seeds. Without losing their loyalty to guitar and vocals, bass, drums, banjo, soft organ sounds and synthesizer play their part in making the sound feel rich and colourful.