Surely, you’ve already heard the crushing news: All events and festivals throughout summer 2020 have been cancelled due to the Corona-crisis. Whilst we respect and support the Bundesrat’s decision, we would also like to raise awareness for the thousands of hard-working people out there in the live-music industry who already put in hours and hours of their precious time just to put a smile on our faces when we’re in front or even on stage. And of course same goes for the artists because without them none of this would be possible! The current situation poses a major threat to the livelihood of the people working in the creative industries and more specifically the music industry. Hence, we’d like to encourage you to think about if there‘s a way you can contribute to the situation. Whether it’s keeping your tickets as a way of financial support or sharing the music of the artists that won’t be able to perform for you this summer.

Be nice, be creative, take care of your surroundings and yourselves.
We can’t wait to push things even harder when this is all over. See you on the other side!

Alain & Arthur | Young and Aspiring

📷: Aira Joana (pre-corona)